Schools in Taplejung District Got Disturbed by Landslides

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Schools in Taplejung District Got Disturbed by Landslides

Taplejung, Ashadh 7, 2080


In the wake of devastating floods and landslides in the eastern region of Taplejung, schools in Sidingwa and Sirijungha rural municipalities have faced significant disruptions, leaving students’ education in difficulties.

One of the affected schools is Kanchajungha Secondary School in Sirijanga-8 Amphudin, which is now at high risk due to continuous rainfall over the weekend. The education branch of Sirijangha Rural Municipality reported that 122 students enrolled in the school are experiencing a disturbance in their studies.

Landslides have caused road blockages throughout the area, hampering access to educational facilities. Sky Pokharel, the chief administrative officer of Sirijanga Rural Municipality, explained that the collapse of a bridge during the flood has made river crossing impossible. As a result, the local authorities have decided to indefinitely close the Kanchajungha Secondary School to ensure the safety of the students.

With a total of 42 schools in operation, all educational institutions in Sirijangha Rural Municipality have been shut down indefinitely due to the flood situation. Similarly, Sidingwa Rural Municipality houses 39 schools, satisfying to approximately 3,100 students. Rudraprasad Begha, the Acting Chief Administrative Officer of Sidingwa Rural Municipality, stated that the municipality has granted leave to the students until July 6, considering the upcoming winter holidays and the need to address the aftermath of the floods.

Furthermore, Pathibhara Yangwarak Rural Municipality has declared a school holiday until June 8 due to the challenges posed by continuous rainfall and flooding in the vicinity of the schools.

The local authorities are actively working to assess the damage caused by the landslides and floods and to implement measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students and school staff. Efforts are being made to restore access to the affected schools and resume educational activities as soon as possible.

This unfortunate situation highlights the vulnerability of the region to natural disasters and emphasizes the importance of disaster preparedness and infrastructure development to safeguard the education of children in Taplejung.

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