Chances of Publishing SEE Results 2079 Today – NEB

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Chances of Publishing SEE Results 2079 Today – NEB

Kathmandu, 21st Ashadh,2080

The long-awaited results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) conducted last March by the National Examination Board are scheduled to be announced today. According to reliable sources, all necessary preparations have been completed, and a board meeting has been organized.

“If there are no complicated problems, we will announce the results today,” confirmed a high-ranking source from the board.

As soon as the SEE results are released, students and parents can access them on the official website of the National Examination Board.

The SEE, which took place from 17th Chait 2079, witnessed the participation of an impressive number of students. A total of 485,396 students from various corners of the country took part in the examination, which was conducted across 2,037 examination centers.

The board will publish the results according to the letter grading guidelines 2078. The initial directory was issued on January 7, 2078, and subsequently amended on February 17th. As per the amendment, this year’s results will be published based on the previous provisions. The new system of categorizing students as “unclassified” if they fail to achieve a minimum of 35% will be implemented starting from the SEE of 2080.

The announcement of the SEE results holds great significance for the students who have eagerly awaited their scores. It is expected to become the way for future educational and career paths of students.

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