SEE results Preparation at its final stage

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National Examination Board has prepared to publish this year’s SEE results within the month of Asar. To successfully do this, the board has been making necessary preparations at a rapid pace.

Mahashram Sharma, Chairman of NEB said necessary arrangements are being made at a rapid pace and if there is no problem with technology, the results will be published within Asar 32.

Arjun Rayamajhi, Controller of Examinations, National Examination Board, SEE (Class 10) also said the SEE results will be made published within Asar 32. He informed that all works of answer sheet checking and inspection are already completed, right now they are working on the computer entry and verification. He is preparing to complete all the works within this month and publish the results.

Plans have been made by the office to finish sores entry within Asar 20, mismatch check on 21 and 22 Asar, tabulation of the data within 23 to 29 Asar and publication of the results within 32 Asar.

Previously, it took 4 months to release SEE results, this year it took only 2 months, informed Rayamajhi. For 2 years SEE results were published through Internal Evaluation due to Covid 19, this year NEB conducted a physical SEE examination from Baishak 9 till 20. 5,14,977 students including 2,57,924 girls and 2,57,053 boys of 11,615 schools gave SEE Exams through 2,007 Exam Centres.

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