Singer Prakash Saput speaks for his Song “Pir”

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Prakash Saput who penned, composed and sang the song “Pir” has received many applauds and criticisms for his creation. The song was released on March 11th with the music video on YouTube. The song currently has crossed 4 million views.

With the popularity of the song, Saput has been facing various allegations regarding misinterpretation of the time and situation along with allegations regarding misleading ideas that tend to hamper people who fought in the war.

Saput has finally spoken regarding the criticisms he has faced. He clarifies that the song and the music video is simply a story of a comrade created using symbolic scenes. He said, “I would like to make it clear that there is no political bias, intension or purpose behind making of ‘Pir’.”

He accepts that the desire of an artist to reach the hearts of all the audience cannot be always fulfilled. Pir has left his audience in shock and feeling uneasy. As a creator he accepts the criticisms about his creation, he himself is watching all the reactions and comments regarding his song and said even has started questioning his creation.

With ‘Pir’ I am only trying to show that the system has changed due to the war but the situations remain the same. Pir seeks to show the unequal distance between the comrades who fought in the war together for a common purpose, he said. The song shows an ordinary citizen’s expectations from the nation and the neglect he receives.

He addresses that everyone has been witnessing similar stories on the same topic in various tv shows and music videos. This subject was an accepted subject often written and read about. He created his song and scenes based on different stories he has heard from the people of the war. He hopes that his song is taken as a form of art and pleads that he had no intention to politicize the song.

I would like to apologise to all who has been hurt watching the scenes presented but I would like to urge you to look at the song from the point of view of art, Saput requests. He adds, there are many there are so many stories to tell in society! There are so many songs to sing! And there are a lot of questions to ask in the new system that was fought for. Don’t be discouraged by the questions.

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