Students of Class 11 Can Now Download Admit Cards for Scholarship Exam -Kathmandu Metropolitan City

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Starting today, students who have applied for scholarships in Class 11 can obtain their admit cards from the official website: To access the admit card, applicants need to click on the “Check Your Status” button.

To download the admit card successfully, applicants must provide the following details accurately:

  • Level: The level for which they have applied (e.g., Class 11)
  • Program: The subject for which they have applied (e.g., Science, Management, Humanities)
  • GPA: The Grade Point Average obtained in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE)
  • Date of Birth: The applicant’s date of birth
  • Symbol Number: The symbol number obtained in the SEE

Once all the necessary details have been filled correctly, the admit card will appear on the screen. Students are then advised to download and print the admit card for future reference.

The admit card not only contains information about the exam centers but also provides essential instructions for students regarding how to answer the questions during the examination. These instructions are as follows:

  1. Roll Number: Students must write one digit of their roll number in each box provided.
  2. Answer Format: While marking their answers, students are required to completely fill the round circle with a black bubble, making sure to cover the letter corresponding to the correct answer option.
  3. Circle Changes: Students should note that once an answer has been marked and the circle has been filled, it cannot be changed.
  4. Pen Color: Only black pens should be used during the examination.
  5. Avoid Unnecessary Marks: Students are advised not to make any unnecessary marks on the answer sheet.
  6. Use SET Only: All answers should be written in the designated SET provided.

We encourage all students to carefully read and understand these instructions to ensure a smooth and error-free examination process.

Best of luck to all the aspiring scholars!

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