Students in Humla giving exams outside in the Sun

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As it gets colder in the high Himalayan district of Humla, students have started sitting outside in the sun to take their annual exams. Although there is no snowfall in Humla like in previous years, when it gets cold, students are taking their annual and final exams this year by placing desks and benches in the open square.

Students are facing the most difficulties due to the cold weather nowadays. As a result, schools in the area have decided to hold exams in the open square. According to Principal Premkala Budha, students at Balbhadra Basic School in Santa Village, Simkot Rural Municipality-8 had to endure the sun exposure as the classrooms were extremely cold.

Headmistress Budha said, Since young children cannot sit inside the classroom during the cold weather to take the exam, we are conducting the annual exam by placing desks and benches in the square.” According to the school, after students expressed their difficulty in taking the exam due to the cold in the classrooms, they decided to sit in the sun to take the exam. Balabhadra Basic School has a total of 162 students enrolled from grades one to six and currently has eight teachers.

Headmistress Budha further mentioned that after the annual examination, the school will have a winter vacation for 45 days. Simkot Rural Municipality’s basic and secondary schools from wards 1 to 8 are also conducting their annual examinations simultaneously starting today. Currently, most schools in the district are conducting exams for their students in the bright sun of the open square.

The northern region, including Simkot headquarters, experiences even colder temperatures. Although there is no snowfall in the district, winter is extremely cold. The temperature has dropped below zero degrees. If there is snowfall, the temperature in the district can drop to as low as -15 degrees.

Source: Edupatra

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