Students need to pass an exam to attain Engineering License

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Engineering License

Engineering students also need to pass an exam to gain an Engineering license like Doctors and Nurses who have been giving the License exam to acquire a practice license. The exam for the license will be conducted by Nepal Engineering Council.

In the bill made for the amendment of the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 055, a provision is made that the students must pass an exam to gain the Engineering License. The government is ready to pass the bill immediately after passing the budget for this. Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Renu Kumari Yadav said as soon as the budget passes, the bill for the amendment of the Nepal Engineering Council will be passed.

Chairman of Nepal Engineering Council Dilliraman Niraula said the distribution of Engineering License without examination has reduced the quality of Engineers in Nepal thus, a legal provision has been made that the Engineering License exam will be conducted twice a year for the distribution of the license.

Provision has been that License will be provided according to the qualifications of the engineers, their performance in the Engineering profession, and the students who have passed the License exam. The Bill for the Amendment of the Engineering council reached the Federal Parliament in 2076 BS and it has been there without much progress to it for 3 years. Chairman Niraula said he is doing his best and e has been taking initiative since the bill reached the parliament in 2076 BS. He said he believes that the bill will be passed in this current term of federal parliament.

The officials of this field believe that the bill will be passed within this current term of the federal parliament. Chairman of Nepal Engineering Association, Hari Dalarmi adds that the bill could not go further as the parliament was still for a long time, now we believe that this bill will be passed by both the houses and soon be turned into an act.

Few amendments were made after the bill was sent to the National Assembly but the arrangement of the License Exam was not yet used. Currently, the Engineering License is provided based on an application to the Nepal Engineering Council after students passed their Bachelor’s exam. The students who studied in foreign countries have been getting the license on basis of the equivalent proof provided by Tribhuvan University.

If the bill is passed, the students will have to pass the Engineering License Exam taken by Nepal Engineering Council. The council will conduct the exam twice a year. According to Section 14 of the bill, there will be an examination committee formed within the council under the coordination of the person appointed by the Council.

The bill passed by the National Assembly will reach the President after it is passed by the House of Representatives. Only after the bill is verified by the President, it will be implemented.

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