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Study in Australia

Australia is one of the popular destinations students choose for their studies. Thousands of students from all over the world arrive in the Australian land to attain education there. Australia has one of the best education systems in the world, with more than 10 universities in Australia ranking in the top 100 list of World Universities.

Students from South Asian Countries like Nepal and India have a tremendous flow of students coming to Australia for higher studies. Australia has become the first choice for students, while the reason for selecting Australia may vary with each person, the Quality of Education is always one of the prominent reasons students choose Australia.

In this Blog, we will discuss Australia as a study destination and how to apply for education in Australia in detail. This blog will act as a brief guide for International students in Australia or for those who have chosen Australia as their study destination, this blog will contain all the information you need regarding Australia’s education, and application to study in Australia. All the information given in this blog is authentic and it will provide you with the right guidance on Australian higher education, Australian Education System and makes you ready to start your journey in Australia as a student.

Australia for International Students

Australia is well known for providing World-Class Education. In the International Education Sector, Australia is a well-known destination for international students. The Education system of Australia ranks among the highest in the world, providing students with various study options, a welcoming environment, cost-efficient liveable cities, and education at various levels. Australia is also well-known for the excellent vocational education training programs it provides. The programs and courses provided in Australia will help you get expert guidance in your subject, and your study experience will also help you secure your dream job.

Australia is home to the world’s high-end universities, providing the top education in the most diverse environment. Here, as an international student, you will still have all choices in the programs and educational institutions, and the flexibility of living a comfortable independent life. The students will likely find Australia to be challenging, entertaining as well a rewarding, As all Australian universities promote innovation, creativity and independent thinking, international students might find this environment a place where they learn to learn, grow and live. Studying in Australia, the students will find themselves in the international job market upon their graduation.

International students in Australia have a choice of the university ambience, their preferred classes, work and their lifestyle. Australia is home to 43 Universities located all over the land, some placed in the cities and in some remote areas. Students can choose their education ambience in accordance to their university location, all the major cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and more have at least one university within their periphery. Major Universities also have university campuses in each Australian state or territory. The Universities also offer students the choice to be either full-time or part-time students, this will give you the opportunity to control the type of study you want to pursue.

Working while studying, might be one of the pressing concerns of international students, Australia when giving student visas automatically grants permission to students to work part-time while studying, with no need to appeal for a work visa. Given the students find their job, students can work in a number of fields. The opportunity to work while completing the degree will help students gain real-life work experience and help students cover their college and living expenses.

Popular Courses in Australia

Australia lies within the top 10 study destinations all across the globe. The country has many leading universities/ educational institutions in the land that provide various courses. There’s a lot of range of study programs available in Australia, and thousands of courses to choose from. A few of the popular courses chosen by international students who study in Australia are mentioned below:

  1. Medical Sciences
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Nursing
  4. Business Administration/ Management
  5. Information Technology
  6. Social Work
  7. Travels and Tourism Management
  8. Architecture
  9. Agricultural Sciences
  10. Actuarial Science
  11. Core Engineering
  12. Psychology
  13. Accountancy
  14. Earth Science

Students are given a variety of courses at a variety of levels. The educational institutions in Australia provide courses in levels from Diploma level to PhD. It also offers many vocational education courses as well. Many Nepalese students have picked Australia as their study destination to complete their Undergraduate and Post Graduate education. This list of courses doesn’t focus on any degree level and only on the most sought-after courses by international students in general.

List of Australian Universities

Australia has a total of 43 universities and these institutions are among the best in the world. Most Australian universities are public and only 6 of the universities are private in Australia. The Universities of Australia are among the top universities in the world. Here is the list of all Universities in Australia, Private Universities will be highlighted in italics;

1.    Australian Catholic University

2.    Australian National University

3.    Avondale University

4.   Bond University

5.    Carnegie Mellon University

6.    Central Queensland University

7.    Charles Darwin University

8.    Charles Sturt University

9.  Curtin University

10.  Deakin University

11.  Edith Cowan University

12.  Federation University Australia

13.  Flinders University

14.  Griffith University

15.  James Cook University

16.  La Trobe University

17.  Macquarie University

18.  Monash University

19.  Murdoch University

20.  Queensland University of Technology

21.  RMIT University

22.  Southern Cross University

23.  Swinburne University of Technology

24.  University of Western Australia

25.  Torrens University

26.  University of Adelaide

27.  University of Canberra

28.  University of Divinity

29.  University of Melbourne

30.  University of New England

31.  University of New South Wales

32.  University of Newcastle

33.  University of Notre Dame Australia

34.  University of Queensland

35.  University of South Australia

36.  University of Southern Queensland

37.  University of Sydney

38.  University of Tasmania

39.  University of Technology Sydney

40.  University of the Sunshine Coast

41.  University of Wollongong

42.  Victoria University

43.  Western Sydney University 

All these universities provide a variety of courses teaching the students the most advanced technology about the latest subject in the market and maintaining the oldest research. In Australian Institutions /Universities, students get the best education in subjects like medicine, science, business, arts, technology and so much more.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Each Course has a different cost. Some technical courses like courses in the medical field can be much more expensive than a course in the field of art. Although the cost of every course may vary, the country has a range of affordable universities and college/ campus options that may prove to be much cheaper than in any other country. Across a range of every course considering the time duration as well as tuition fees and other additional payments, Australia can prove to be much more affordable than other locations.

Few of the courses are relatively short in Australia than in other Western Countries, and due to the short duration, the students will be paying less as well. Australia also provides scholarships to many students, and the government of Australia spends $200,000,000 on scholarships to international students annually. Thus, studying in Australia might prove to be much more affordable than in other western countries.

Scholarship in Australia  

The Australian Government grants scholarship worth AUS $200,000,000 to international students who choose to study in universities in Australia. Grants and Bursaries have also become financial ease to many Nepalese and Indian students planning to study in Australia.

These Scholarships/ grants are not only provided by the Australian Government but also by a number of public and private organisations, and education providers. Popular Study Scholarships/ Grants provided by the Government of Australia are Australia Awards Scholarships, Destination Australia Scholarships, and Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships. Students interested in studying in Australia may visit, the official Australian government website for international students to look up the scholarships available as well as the Applying procedures.

Along with government-funded scholarships, many universities in Australia also provide scholarships. Students need to apply for the scholarships online if they want to attain the scholarships they have met the prerequisite for.

Language Proficiency Test for Studying in Australia

All International Students who aren’t citizens of Native English Speaking countries must provide a Document/ Certification/ Proof that they can read, write, speak and comprehend the English language. Australia is a native English-speaking country all the courses provided in Australia are in the English Language.

IELTS is the most widely preferred and accepted English Language Proficiency test by the Universities of Australia. Other proficiency tests accepted by Australian Universities are PTE, TOFEL and CAE. These tests are a must for students to study in Australia as they act as proof of the student’s English Fluency and the fact that the student is capable of comprehending the level of English used in graduate and postgraduate courses.

Australian universities will determine the scores and the test certification they will accept. Although IELTS is widely accepted by most universities, some universities may choose a different test, thus always check in with the universities you are applying to. Each university will also define the criterion they accept for admission to their university.

Document Verification And Offer Letter

Documents required for Application to Australian universities for the offer letter are listed below:

  • Passport
  • IELTS Result or equivalent Document
  • Academic Documents accumulated to date
  • University/College’s Application Form
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Work Experience (if Any)
  • Interview

After all, the documents are submitted to the destined university, the applicant will have to sit in an interview, the interview will be conducted by the authorities of the university through skype or a phone. Some Universities may ask for other documents as per their own specifications.

What is an Offer Letter?

The Offer Letter is a document/ letter sent by the university after an applicant applied for admission to the University. If the applicant is accepted into the University, the Offer letter will be provided to the applicant along with the following details:

  • Description of the Course the applicant has chosen
  • Orientation Date
  • Date for course commencement
  • Campus Location
  • Mode of Study
  • Course Fee
  • Tuition Fee Deposit

Offer letter processing might take from 1 to 6 weeks. If you are accepted into the University, the university will provide the offer letter with all the mentioned information. Or the university will send a letter stating that your application has been rejected.

NOC (No Objection Certification)

NOC (No Objection Certification or No objection Letter) is a legal document required for all students who want to study in Australia from Nepal requires this as proof that the Government of Nepal has no objection to the student’s plan to study abroad. This document also eases students’ monetary transactions for payments to universities and so on.

For Nepalese students, this document is issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Students must apply for NOC and only after receiving NOC Students can reach out to the banks for all monetary transactions for studying in Australia. Students can apply for NOC online from the official website

NOC was distributed from the Kesar Mahal situated building but as it is currently under reconstruction, it is distributed from the NEB Controller of Examination Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

The documents required for applying for the NOC are listed below:

  1. Citizenship of the student
  2. Passport o the Student
  3. All academic documents (esp. of the last Academic Degree)
  4. Valid Offer Letter from the University/ College
  5. Marriage Registration Certificate (if there are changes in the student’s surname due to marriage)

Once applied, NOC is verified within 2-3 business days. If the NOC is verified, the applicant must pay the revenue of Rs. 2000. The applicant must go to the office to attain the original hard copy of the NOC.


Confirmation Of Enrolment (COE) is the letter/ document issued by the university after the application process of the receipt of the International Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement. This is the official document affirming the international student’s acceptance into the University, this document is required by the Department of Home Affairs when applying to obtain a student visa in Australia.

ECOE simply means Electronic COE, it is the electronic copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment. COE/ ECOE is a mandatory document required for applying for an Australian Student Visa. This document verifies that you have a place in the course you applied to and also assures that you have paid your tuition fees as well as Overseas Student Health Cover.


All students will require a visa in their destination if they are planning to study abroad. Studying in Australia is no different, all international students must have a Student Visa specified for studying in Australia. One must apply for a visa from their native country to attain Visa for their destination.

All Nepalese Students must submit a Student Visa application form by creating an account in DIBP’s online application system- Immi Account. The documents required for Student Visa lodging from Nepal Are mentioned below:

  1. Proof of your Enrolment ( COE or ECOE)
  2. Health Insurance Details
  3. GTE Statement ( Genuine Temporary Entrant)
  4. Evidence of Your English Skills (IELTS/ PTE/ TOFEL results)
  5. SOP ( Statement of Purpose)
  6. Valid Passport/ Identity Verification document
  7. Passport-sized photos
  8. Formal Documents of Academic and Work Experience-Related Documents
  9. Financial Documents (Evidence of Financial Ability for tuition, living expenses…)
  • proofs of funds from reliable sources
  • proofs of cash Deposits  

If the applicant is under the age of 18 then they require additional documents such as parental consent. Students who want to study in Australia must submit their application 6 weeks before the course starts but no earlier than 12 weeks.

After submitting your application, you can also track your visa process status through ImmiAccount.

VISA Result

After you submit your Visa Application, your application is either received or rejected. If the immigration department rejects your Visa, you must consider any mistakes and improve your application before you apply again. If your Visa is received, then it means your Visa Application has passed through and thus, you hold a valid document to help you continue your studies in Australia. With the help of your visa, you can finally book Tickets to Australia and attain your dream of studying in Australia.

Expenses Living in Australia

Total Expenses in Australia for studying and living will completely depend on where you decide to study, which city, and your choice of lifestyle. Compared to most western countries, and countries that provide similar education, Australia can prove to be the most affordable choice.

Living in Australia as an international student might prove to be much more convenient than in other countries. the facilities the government provides to its foreign students are of great support to live, study and work in Australia. More students are interested to stay in Australia as foreign students due to all these reasons such as scholarships, study mode, permission to work, efficient lifestyle and above all the top education.

Students applying to Australia do not need to apply for a work visa as the country allows all students to work while pursuing their degree. Australia grants all students permission to work 40 hours per fortnight unless they are working on their master’s or higher level education. Australia may also grant permission for post-study work for a certain time as per the conditions of the student’s visa and courses.

The cost of living in Australia can be quite affordable as the students there are granted permission to work while studying, thus the students can live quite a comfortable life suggesting the living expenses of a month and criterion for work hours. Even with the minimum wage of around AUS $21, students can manage a comfortable lifestyle till they are in Australia.


We hope this blog answers all your queries regarding the study in Australia. This blog will help you consider all the points in regard to documentation, letters, application, processing and more. If you still have queries, you can comment, enquire or contact us at Gurubaa.

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