Tanjakot Rural Municipality Introducing Locally Developed Curriculum

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Tanjakot Rural Municipality Introducing Locally Developed Curriculum

Date: 4th Ashadh,2080


Tanjakot Rural Municipality in Humla district has taken a bold and innovative step by introducing a locally developed curriculum in its schools. The curriculum, aptly named ‘Hamro Tanjakot’, has been meticulously crafted over a span of seven months and is now being implemented in classrooms, receiving a warm reception from education authorities.

Tanjakot Rural Municipality Humla Unveils Locally Developed Curriculum

Jayarudra Dhakal, the head of the rural municipality’s education branch, announced that 17 schools within the municipality began teaching the new curriculum on Friday. Despite the lack of physical textbooks, the curriculum has been digitally printed and distributed to all participating schools, ensuring a seamless learning process. Physical copies will also be made available to schools and students in the near future.

‘Hamro Tanjakot’: An Inclusive Curriculum Rooted in the Local Community

The newly introduced curriculum, ‘Hamro Tanjakot’, covers six key areas of focus:

  • Local Occupation
  • Business and Technology
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Social Values and Beliefs
  • Disaster Management and Environmental Awareness
  • Health, Sanitation, and Non-Timber Forest Production

The team responsible for developing the curriculum began working on it in November and completed it in May, leveraging local insights and resources to make the content informative and relatable.

The curriculum is currently being taught to students from grades one to eight in the 17 schools within the municipality. Approximately 1,800 students across all schools are benefiting from this locally tailored approach to education, opening up new avenues for their educational growth.

Enhancing Local Knowledge through Education

Lalkesh Jaisi, the Village Chairman, strongly believes in the potential benefits of the newly developed curriculum. He emphasized that it serves as a valuable resource, encompassing comprehensive information about the village and enhancing students’ understanding of their local community. Through this initiative, the municipality aims to promote local awareness and pride, aligning with the principles of federalism.

This groundbreaking initiative has placed Tanjakot Rural Municipality at the forefront, making it the first among the seven districts in the region to develop and implement a local curriculum. The move is expected to equip students with a deep understanding of their village from an early age, fostering a strong connection with their local heritage and instilling a sense of pride.

By harnessing the power of local education, Tanjakot Rural Municipality has taken a significant step towards shaping a future generation that is deeply rooted in its culture and traditions. This initiative heralds a promising advancement in the field of education, infusing a local touch into the learning process, and making it more engaging and relevant for students.

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