Education Notice in Nepal

Teaching Licence Examination for Secondary Level Teachers

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The Teacher Service Commission, Nepal has published a notice regarding the Teaching Licence Examination for those candidates who are willing to teach the Secondary Level Students.


  • A Nepalese Citizen
  • Persons who have completed a Bachelor’s in Education or who have completed at least 10 months of training in education.
  • If the person has completed their bachelor’s in Science, Mathematics, English, Accounting, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture studies, they are eligible to apply even if they haven’t received any training for Education.


Examination Date and Time: 2 July 2022 (18 Asar 2079)

Examination Type: Written

Examination Fee: NRS 1000

Deadline for Form Submission: 12 May 2022 (29 Baishakh 2079)

Deadline for Form Submission (double charge): 19 May 2022 (5 Jestha 2079)


Visit to apply for the examination.

For more information read the notice originally published by Teacher Service Commission, here in the PDF.



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