The education for Classes 11 and 12 is the best in Nepal

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The officials and education specialists say students need not go to foreign countries for classes 11 and 12, the education for these levels are the best and of quality in Nepal. On the Occasion of  “+2 Education: Opportunity and Challenge” debate program and virtual Education Fair organized by Higher Institutions and Secondary School’s  Association (HISSAN) and Reader’s Magazine, Dr. Mahashram Sharma, Chairman of the National Education Board (NEB) said the entire curriculum and the examination system will be changed and quality education will be possible for the students.

Sharma shared that an action plan has been prepared to make new question banks and train the teachers of classes 8,10 and 12. Ramesh Kumar Silwal, Chairman of HISSAN requested the parents not to send students to foreign countries for study as the education system has changed and the curriculum for classes 11 and 12 is comparatively accessible, reliable, and of quality.

Educationist Dr. Vidyanath Koirala stressed the need to impart life-sustaining and practical education to the students and prepare the teachers for it. PABSON Vice President Krishna Adhikari and NPABSON Co-Chairman Subash Neupane said that the state should appreciate the contribution of private schools for quality education.

Suprabhat Bhandari, Chairman of Guardian Association Nepal said that the students would not have to go abroad if the education was imparted by incorporating modern technology in a way that would be comfortable for all the financially capable and needy parents.

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