The Guardian Committee election process has been started

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The process of formation of the Board of Trustees at Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology, which will be appointed with the provision for not having a Vice-Chancellor, has started for the first time in the country.

The university’s highest authority is the committee. It also formulates short-term and long-term plans to advance the institution as a world-class institution and oversees the academic, academic, management, and policy and standards development of the institution. According to the Act, the University’s Guardian Committee consists of 17 members.

The university’s administration includes the former president of the committee. Dr. The recommendation board has him as a member. According to Awasthi, the recommendation panel will select just ten members, with the exception of these individuals. From among the world’s best incumbents or past academics in science and technology, two members will be chosen, one of which will be a woman.

A chairman will be selected to oversee the daily academic, financial, and administrative operations of the institution once the guardianship committee has finished its work. The president’s guardian committee performs the job of keeping an eye on him and assisting him. Members of the Guardian Committee will serve for two, three, or four years. Dr. is a member of the recommendation committee.

“Selecting purely academic participants is a challenge since this is the first exercise in Nepal,” Awasthi added. We feel it will be beneficial since it serves Nepal’s interests.”

There are now 11 locations across the nation. Tribhuvan, Nepal Sanskrit, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Purvanchal, and Lumbini Buddhist Agriculture and Forestry are among the ones managed by the chancellor and vice-chancellor. The Minister of Education, Science, and Technology is the Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Open University.

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