TikTok Responds to Nepal Ban, Seeks Clarification on Decision

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In a surprising turn of events, TikTok, the popular social media platform, has responded to the recent ban imposed by the Nepali government on its operations within the country. The ban, declared during a Cabinet meeting on Kartik 27, has prompted TikTok to seek clarification from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) and express concerns about the decision’s far-reaching consequences.

TikTok’s response came in the form of a letter addressed to the NTA, wherein the company expressed astonishment at the ban and requested detailed information regarding the reasons behind the decision. The letter urged the NTA to shed light on the specific grounds that led to the prohibition of TikTok in Nepal.

The social media giant emphasized the potential impact of the ban on millions of Nepali users and highlighted the platform’s contribution to various sectors such as information, education, entertainment, and inspiration. TikTok underscored its commitment to providing a secure and welcoming environment for users, noting the implementation of global standards to ensure content adherence and user safety.

Furthermore, TikTok expressed concerns about the ban’s repercussions on its investment plans in Nepal and its potential adverse effects on Nepali content creators, especially the youth. The company, known for its collaboration with governments worldwide, outlined its cooperation with Nepali authorities, including the Cyber Bureau and participation in cybersecurity workshops.

TikTok referenced the provision of a “Trust and Safety Information Tool” to the Cyber Bureau to assist in monitoring and controlling prohibited content. The company also highlighted its compliance with Nepali laws, including the prompt removal of banned materials and registration for digital service tax.

As Nepal grapples with the implications of the TikTok ban, the tech industry, content creators, and the general public eagerly await the NTA’s response to TikTok’s inquiries, seeking clarity on the future of the popular social media platform in the country.

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