Tilaurakot Durbar, Birthplace of Buddha will be listed in World Heritage

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Tilaurakot Durbar

Tilaurakot Durbar, home of Lord Gautam Buddha is Listed as World Heritage Site. Discussions held for the listing process of Tilaurakot Durbar in Lumbini have concluded.

The durbar will be listed in the World Heritage Site list in the coming 2 years. The joint conference between the Department of Archaeology, UNESCO and Lumbini Development has concluded that it will proceed with a master plan. Director of the Department of Archaeology, Damodar Gautam said the team will move forward following the suggestions as discussions were held on the national and international levels to list the Tilaurakot Durbar of Kapilbastu on the World Heritage List.

Director Gautam said experts presented various opinions and ideas during the 2 days seminar, and the team will work according to the ideas for the Durbar. A report will be submitted to the Department of Archaeology with the mater plan to include and promote the Agriculture, Tourism and Local Goods of Tilaurakot.

The Chief of Lumbini Development Fund, Gyanin Rai said Australian Expert Duncan Parcel has been working on the Design of Tilaurakot. A documentary is also being made about the area and thus the work is estimated to complete in 2 years by 2024.

The ideas of the experts collected in the seminar will also be published in a book, said Rai. After the Tilaurakot Durbar will be listed on the World Heritage List, it is expected that the place will be preserved and developed as a major tourist destination.

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