Travel and Tourism Course in Nepal

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Travel and Tourism Course in Nepal

Bachelors of Travel and Tourism(BTTM) course will train you to be a professional in the travel and tourism industry. It covers all aspects of the industry, including management, hospitality, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, law, environment, safety, sales and services, and tourism development. It also offers unparalleled exposure to all aspects of tourism and teaches using the most innovative teaching techniques and personal experiences from different sectors of tourism as well as preparing students for job.

This is a four-year college degree program offered by Tribhuvan University. It is also designed to help students with the independent planning and implementation of vacation, business, hospitality or adventure travel, as well as the development of a management career in the travel and tourism industry.

The BTTM programme by Tribhuvan University has 8 semesters. At the end of 4 years students are awarded a bachelor’s degree. TU Claims that the program is designed to give the best education and training in the field of travel and tourism management and development and to teach students practical skills for providing quality services in the industry.

Let’s have a look into Bachelors of Travel and Tourism (BTTM) Curriculum by Tribhuvan University.


4 Years, 8 Semester

Offered by Tribhuvan University
First Semester
Credit Hour
Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism Management3
Tourism Economics(Micro/Macro)3
Principles of Management3
Computer and Information Technology3
Second Semester
Business Communication3
Travel Service Operations Management –I3
Tourism in Nepal3
Tourism  and Hospitality Accounting3
Hospitality Operations and Management3
Third Semester
Business Finance3
Travel Service Operations Management-II3
Air Travel Operations3
Fourth Semester
Tourism Marketing3
Human Resource Management for Tourism3
Culture and Social Psychology for Tourism3
Destination Development Management3
Fifth Semester
Entrepreneurship in Travel and Tourism3
Sustainable Tourism Development3
Airlines Ticketing GDS3
Tourism geography3
Tour Guiding and Escorting Skills3
Sixth Semester
Adventure Tourism3
Tourism Planning and Policies3
Air Cargo Management3
Nepalese Society and Politics3
Event Management (Office  Tourism)3
Seventh Semester
Industrial Attachment(6 month in Travel agent/Trekking Agency/Airlines)12
Project report3
Eight Semester
Tourism Legislation3
Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism3
Culture heritage and Religion  Tourism3
Elective –I3
Elective –II3
Tourism and Aviation 
Tourism for Peace and Progress 
Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism 
Airlines Operation Management 
Visitor Management 
Food and Beverage Service

Why Travel & Tourism is an Invaluable Course for Your Career?

The global economy is still recovering from the recession, and some wonder how to turn a small business into a successful one. To Nepal, this could be incredibly beneficial. One of the ways is to capitalize on the economic benefits of tourism. With advancement in technology, people are looking for new ways to vacation, explore new parts of the world, and experience different cultures. This has helped to bolster tourism as a hot topic for university courses. Travel and Tourism course can teach students about destination planning and marketing as well as the importance of tourism in a sustainable way.

How will Studying travel and tourism Prepare you for a Successful Career?

Travel and tourism represent a fast and growing industry. The tourism industry is the world’s largest employer and fastest-growing economic sector. Tourism is also the highest paying career option. is a source of international understanding and intercultural dialogue. Studying travel and tourism will help you land a job in the industry by giving you a list of what to expect in the industry and what it takes to succeed.

How to Choose the Most Suitable College for You?

Colleges and universities are a great way to gain the skills and education you need in order to get the job you want. Going to a college that is a good fit for you will give you the best chance of succeeding with your education. There are lots of colleges to choose from, but here are three things you should keep in mind as you select the best one for you:

1. Based on what the college offers you and your needs

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right college. One of the most important aspects is to make sure the college you choose offers the courses and career options you want. You will want to ask yourself things like: Do they offer the degree I want? Is there solid career support to help me find a job after I graduate? And is it affordable?

2. Distance from home

Going to college is a lot easier with College Near To You. You’ll be able to commute easily without the stress of traffic. You no longer have to worry about long commutes.

3. Cost

Some students may also want to go to an expensive college or university because they believe it will offer them a better quality education than the cheaper ones. This may be true in some cases, but it is not always the case. One must keep in mind that the cost of attending college is not just tuition, but other costs like books, food, transportation, and so on.And of course, cheaper colleges aren’t always bad! You just need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

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