Tribhuvan University Padlocked Again

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Students have padlocked Tribhuvan University again demanding action against the negligent people during the examination. The financial and administrative works of the university have been affected due to padlocking.

Recently,  under the leadership of the Nepal Student Association Tribhuvan University’s Office of Registrar, Humanities and Social Science Department, Dean’s Office of the Management and Central Accounts, and  Workers Administration Division were locked.

The talks haven’t been yet held between the representatives of TU and the students regarding the padlocks that were put on Asar 27. Due to the padlocking, the works of the university such as salary distribution, and authorization to run programs according to the budget have been affected.

Prior to this padlocking, Tribhuvan University has been padlocked several times and opened. Due to the padlocking issues,  the officers have not been able to work properly in the offices, although some work is done outside the office and department premises it has been difficult to do most of the work.

The students have now padlocked TU demanding action against the negligent workers responsible for the making of question papers for exams conducted by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Dean’s office of Management. Along with it, students have demanded that the report of the committee formed to study this matter should be made public.

Previously, the University had banned professors who were negligent in preparing question papers from teaching in the constituent colleges for three years and the University Executive Council had also decided not to allow those teachers to be involved in any activities related to university examinations for three years.

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