Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality Offers Free Higher Education to Students

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Tripurasundari Rural Municipality Introduces Free Higher Education


Tripurasundari Rural Municipality of Dhading has made a historic move by introducing free higher education up to classes 11 and 12 and up to the campus level. The rural municipality has taken this step with the aim of reducing the dropout rate due to financial constraints and increasing access to education for all.

According to Raju Upreti, all students within the municipality will now be able to receive a higher education without having to drop out due to financial difficulties. The rural municipality is providing a monthly allowance of 500 rupees for students in classes 11 and 12 and 700 rupees for students in college or university. The program has been implemented as per the annual policy and program and the focus will now shift to ensuring quality education.

Chief Administrative Officer of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, Indra Prasad Khatiwada, has confirmed that students in 11 secondary schools and two community campuses within the municipality will receive free education.

Navaraj Pathak, a source person of the Education, Youth, and Sports Branch, has reported an increase in student enrollment since the implementation of free education. The municipality is also working towards providing a favorable learning environment, adequate physical facilities, appropriate textbooks, and regular assessments to ensure quality education.

According to the chairman of the municipality, the program has been introduced as part of his public commitment to make education accessible to all before the election. The municipality is providing financial support to students to help them achieve their educational goals.

In conclusion, the introduction of free higher education in Tripurasundari Rural Municipality is a significant step towards increasing access to education and reducing the dropout rate in the area.

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