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Two Community Schools Added in Tokha, Kathmandu

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Two Community Schools were added in Tokha Municipality

Two Community Schools have been added to Tokha Municipality located in the Northern Area of Kathmandu. The schools are operating from the Academic Session 2079.  The Municipality’s Education Division Chief Baburam Gautam informed that ChunDevi Aadharbhut Vidyalaya-6 and Mahadev Aadharbhut Vidyalaya-11 were established.

Chief Gautam said that both the schools have started education for Grade 1, and currently, there are 2 teachers in ChunDevi Aadharbhut Vidyalaya and 3 in Mahadev Aadharbhut Vidyalaya. All the teachers are currently paid by the Municipality.

The two community schools were added as per the decision of the Tokha Municipality meeting held on 24th Chaitra 2078 B.S. As of today, Tokha has 10 Community Schools operating but wards 5 and 9 still do not have any community schools in their area while ward 1 has two community schools.

As per the decision of the 2074 BS local election to establish community schools in all wards of the Tokha Municipality, the decision to establish the two community schools was processed and implemented. Tokha is implementing a “Quality Education for all” policy, said Shankar Raj Pathak, Chief Executive Officer of Tokha.

In recent days, the number of students is also increasing in community schools. The number of students studying in Community Schools in 2074 BS was about 3,500, now the number has exceeded 6,000.  Every community School also has a Lunch Program for the students, Special Grants for the teachers, and other programs has increased the number of students in the community schools, informed the officials.

Lack of teachers in the Schools

However, the number of empty teacher posts is being seen in the schools. The number of students is increasing in the community while the number of teachers is decreasing, resulting in the lack of teachers in the schools. This has resulted in problems in education and learning, due to a lack of teachers, the schools are facing situations where a teacher has to teach a class of 60 students, said Gautam.

Despite the shortage of teachers in Tokha, the city has been recruiting 33 new teachers from its resources, yet the number is insufficient, said Gautam. Tokha has been drawing the attention of the concerned bodies to help them increase the number of teachers for the schools.

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