Two Days Holidays will be applied in Educational Institutions

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The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to shorten the winter, rainy and festive holidays while granting two days holidays to educational institutions.

According to Ministry Spokesperson Deepak Sharma, the ministry has reduced the number of school days after deciding to grant leave on Saturday and Sunday. The decision follows steps taken to shorten the number of school days during the winter, rainy, and local holidays.

As per the government’s decision, the Ministry of Education decided to give leave on Saturday and Sunday starting from May 15.

He said that when granting leave for two days a week (Saturday and Sunday), the time will be from 10 am to 4 pm for five days. And on Friday the same rule will be applied (full day instead of a half-day that is 10 am to 4 pm). 

Further, he also said that “Holidays can be given for a maximum of 30 days in a year by deducting winter, rainy and festive holidays”. According to him, earlier there was an arrangement of giving 45 days leave for winter and rainy season and five days leave for local holidays total of 50 days leave. But now He informed that arrangements will be made to reduce the leave to 30 days per year.

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Two Days hoildays

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