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Two Days Leave will not be applied in Private Schools

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The Private Educational Institutions have decided not to give two days leave a week defying the government’s orders. They said giving two days off would cause mental stress on the students and the curriculum will not be completed in time.

They complained that the government’s decision was sudden and impractical, the government decision was made without discussion and consultation with the private education sector. General Secretary of the association of Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association Nepal (HISSAN), Lok Bahadur Bhandari said that the government would not accept the government’s decision to grant two public leave a week without any discussions with private educational intuitions. Bhandari said giving two days leave would put much mental pressure on the students.

General Secretary Bhandari clarified there are already many public holidays and it would not be possible to complete the curriculum added the two days of leave without reducing the other public holidays. Bishnu Parajuli,  Secretary of the National Private and Boarding School Association Nepal also objected to the government’s decision.

Parajuli said the decision could not be implemented in the case of schools. He added that adding school time to compensate for the leave would put mental pressure on the students and thus would not be appropriate. Spending Rs. 13 crores annually on the educational sector and giving two days leave will be impractical. It is unfortunate that this discouraging decision was made despite being aware of the situation of the educational sector that had to be still due to Corona.

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