UK government supports Nepal’s Development

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2079 Bhadra 17. Quality education for Nepali children is always backed up by the United Kingdom (UK) government says, United Kingdom (UK) Ambassador to Nepal, Nicola Pollitt. He mentions that a right to the child’s education should be no deprivation.

Ambassador Pollitt inaugurated a building built by Goverkha Welfare Trust at Sahredagi Balakalyan Secondary School complex which is located in Mechinagar 12 Jhapa, made a point, that the children’s education under the age of 12 years should be mostly concern by all the adult citizens where every child could learn and grow.

At a cost of 2 crores 43 lakh 70 thousand 531 rupees, the facility filled building was built by Gorkha Welfare Trust for the school and a required library. In 2066 at the month of Mangsir the building started its project and was finished recently, a statement to, Surya Prasad Sapkota, school management committee Chairman.

Gopalchandra Budhathoki, the chief of Mechinagar Municipality, speaks that a sisterly relationship still till the date exists between the United Kingdom and Nepal when in the British Foxton City program. In addition, Budhathoki expressed feelings of strong ties between the Mechinagar Municipality and Britain.

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