UK International Students Contribute £41.9bn to Economy, New Report Reveals

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UK International Students Contribute £41.9bn to Economy, New Report Reveals

Date: May 16, 2023


A landmark report by various stakeholders in the UK has revealed that international students boosted the country’s economy by £41.9bn in the academic year 2021/22.

According to a report compiled by Universities UK International, HEPI, and Kaplan International Pathways, international students made a significant contribution to the UK economy, with the net economic impact of each student estimated at £98,000. The report also highlighted the increase in the net impact of non-EU students, generating £33.5bn compared to £4.4bn in costs to taxpayers. Brexit was identified as a factor impacting the sector, with EU students now constituting only one-in-12 international students in the UK. The report emphasized the need for the UK to remain an open and welcoming destination for international students and recognize their valuable contributions.

Conclusion: The report underscores the vital role international students play in the UK, both economically and culturally. It calls for evidence-based decision-making regarding policy changes and highlights the importance of employability skills and careers advice for international students. Stakeholders urge the UK government to work collaboratively with the sector to maintain the country’s attractiveness as an educational destination.

Attribution: Universities UK International, HEPI, Kaplan International Pathways

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Source: Internet (UK Students)

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