Chartered Accountancy in Nepal, Advantages, Eligibility, Scope and Job and Career Opportunities in Nepal

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Unlock Your Future with Chartered Accountancy in Nepal


In the interest of career growth, knowledge expansion, and job satisfaction, students are always looking to gain higher degrees. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, or a university student studying business management, accounting, nursing management, or any other course, pursuing a bachelor’s degree can unlock career opportunities and develop your knowledge in a certain field. However, if you aim to pursue chartered accountancy in Nepal, you will have to get admission into one of the many colleges offering chartered accountancy courses.

a. What is Chartered Accountancy?

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is an internationally recognized course of study in financial management. It is comparable to the bachelor’s degree in business administration and the accounting degree.

The course requires three levels of study – foundation, intermediate, and finals. Students should go through three years of reading, writing, and mathematics. They must also complete two-and-a-half years of work experience under the guidance of a chartered accountant.

After completion of the course, students will be able to practice as chartered accountants in Nepal. This course provides students with knowledge about the financial sector and sharpens their analytical skills.

Compared to other accounting degrees, CA offers more opportunities for career growth and job prospects. Plus, it enables students to carry out practical work experience under the guidance of a chartered accountant.

This course provides students with a solid foundation for pursuing higher studies and jobs in financial management or accounting fields.

Eligibility to Study Chartered Accountancy (C.A) in Nepal

Eligibility to study CA in Nepal is open to students of any stream (science, management, etc). Students should have completed class 12 with at least a pass in an accounting course. There is no age limit for students to register for the program, but they should be at least 12 years of age. After completing the eligibility test and practical training, candidates can enter the final stage of the course. They need to pass a test and complete a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

Through the CA program at Kathmandu University, students can get practical experience and exposure to various areas of accounting such as taxation, audit, financial reporting, and management accounting. They can also learn about business analytics and data management. The courses offered by the university consist of full-time and part-time programs.

Students can choose courses related to their area of interest or career pathway and are provided ample opportunities to develop themselves through unique programs and workshops.

CA Course of Study in Nepal

If you are a student in Nepal, why not consider the chartered accountancy course? It is one of the most prestigious management courses out there, designed to develop you as an accountant with experience in financial management. The course of study can help you obtain a certification from the International Federation of Accountants (IFACA) and also qualify for jobs in organizations such as Big Four accounting firms, government departments, and banks.

To be eligible for this course of study, students must have completed Class 12 education. The fee structure for the CAP-I level is Rs. 27,500.00 and the CAP-II level is NPR 32,000.00. Graduates of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) can pursue CA. There is no age limit to register for the CA course in Nepal.

The course of study is accredited by the ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), a global body that accredits management qualifications worldwide.

Name of Colleges offering Chartered Accountancy in Nepal

Here’s a brief overview of the colleges offering chartered accountancy in Nepal.

a. Kathmandu University: Apart from providing students with a rigorous education in business management, Kathmandu University also offers students with a CA degree course at its renowned faculties of management and commerce. A number of colleges offering CA degrees include Birgunj Public College, Chaitanya Institute of Management (CIM), Merryland College, Nepathya College, Premier College, CCMA College, British College, and ISMT. Also popular among students is Bir Hospital Institute of Technology ( BHIT).

b. Tribhuvan University of Technology: TUT is one of the few prominent government universities in Nepal that offers CA diploma courses in commerce and finance. A number of colleges offering CA degrees include Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Gurukula institute of management (GIM), International School of Management & Technology (ISMT), Saptakoshi ITI, VIT, and others.

c. National Institute of Technology: NIT is another government university with world-class technical education facilities where students can opt for chartered accountancy courses in accounting and other financial disciplines. Some popular colleges offering this course are SOFT TECH TRAINING INSTITUTE AYUM POKHARA, CSB GREEN BELT TRAINING INSTITUTE AYUM POKHARA, and CSB BLACK BELT TRAINING INSTITUTE AYUM POKHARA.

CA Scholarship Opportunities in Nepal

– Chartered accountants in Nepal offer a range of scholarship opportunities for students seeking to pursue a career in accountancy. The CA Scholarship Board administers scholarships for undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and CA members.

-The CA Scholarship Board also offers Young CA Members Scholarships for students aged 25 or younger who are studying or working in accountancy.

– To be eligible for a CA scholarship, applicants must meet specific academic and professional requirements. In particular, they must have completed secondary school education with a minimum of 10 years of accounting experience.

– The CA Scholarship Board also offers scholarships for students from developing countries and those with disabilities.

– Those with a minimum of 2.8 CGPA or equivalent grade in the management stream or 3.2 GPA or more in other streams can apply for the scholarship on an economically and geographically backward basis.

Course duration Of C.A in Nepal

The course of CA in Nepal is divided into a 4-year semester system with 8 semesters. Students must have completed class 12 and be at least 12 years of age before registering for the course. They can either go through a direct entry route or opt for a qualification from any institute recognized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Those who have a bachelor’s degree in commerce are eligible for the direct entry route, provided they have a minimum of 55 to 60% marks. Each year of a B.Com. the course has two backlogs that must be cleared in the next semester to move to the next year. Upon completion, students are awarded a certificate of completion that can be used as proof of education and experience in chartered accountancy.

Chartered Accountancy fees structures in Nepal

– Chartered accountant fee structure in Nepal is divided into three CAPs: CAP-I (Six months), CAP-II (Nine months), and CAP-III (Three years).

– Each of the three CAPs has a fee structure of Rs 27,500, Rs 32,500, and Rs 37,500 respectively.

– An optional practical training course can be added for an additional fee of Rs 2 lakh.

– Before starting the CA course in Nepal, one must complete a CA course from another country or from a business school.

– After completion of the CA course in Nepal, one can work under a chartered accountant and become a professional accountancy body in the country.

– In recent years, the CA sector in Nepal has seen significant growth in terms of job opportunities and opportunities for career progression. It has also seen increased demand for qualified accountants.

Advantages of studying (C.A)Chartered Accountancy in Nepal

– Chartered accountancy is a highly respected and professional accounting qualification.

– It is a globally recognized qualification that provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work as an accountant in any sector.

– In Nepal, students can pursue CA alongside Bachelor’s programs like BBS, BBM, BBA, etc.

– The course includes important accountancy subjects like finance, economics, mathematics, business management, auditing, accountancy, etc, and is divided into 3 CAPs.

– After successful completion of the course, there is endless scope for chartered accountants.

– Besides practical experience, chartered accountancy students learn about accounting theory from prominent universities and colleges in the country and hone their analytical skills through competitive examinations.

– Graduates of chartered accountancy programs can find opportunities across various sectors such as banking and finance, consulting, taxation, etc.

– Besides financial management and reporting, they can pursue areas such as financial IT management or taxation auditing.

Chartered Accountancy(C.A)Job and career opportunities in Nepal

– Chartered accountancy is a popular career option in Nepal. There are many career opportunities for chartered accountants, including in private companies, public sector organizations, and consulting firms.

– The demand for chartered accountants has increased due to the growing economy of Nepal. As a result, opportunities for chartered accountants can be found across various fields.

– A chartered accountant can find many job opportunities in Nepal. A bachelor’s degree in accounting and financial management from a reputable institute is required for admission to a chartered institute.

– Students who have interest in pursuing CA can opt for an institute course like CA-AIMA or ICASIP. Besides, there are

various government exams that can help determine eligibility for qualifying for CA programs.

– Among the jobs available to chartered accountants, CA is one of the highest-paid career options with excellent career prospects.

C.A Future prospects in Nepal

– With the increase in business, chartered accountancy is booming in Nepal. There are various opportunities for those who qualify as chartered accountants.

– Chartered accountants have a wide range of skills and knowledge that can be put to use in business. They are well-equipped to handle business transactions such as financial management, taxation, auditing, and accounting.

– Moreover, chartered accountancy students undergo rigorous training that equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful professionals in the field of accounting.

– The demand for chartered accountants is increasing day by day due to their valuable contribution to business. They have a bright future ahead of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is Chartered Accountancy?

Chartered Accountants are professional accountants who have met specific educational and professional requirements. They are awarded a chartered accountant designation by their respective accounting societies after successfully completing a rigorous three-level course with foundation, intermediate, and finals.

Chartered Accountants can practice in their respective jurisdictions as they are licensed to do so. Some of the main benefits of being a chartered accountant include a higher income, greater job security, and enhanced reputation.

b. What are the benefits of pursuing Chartered Accountancy studies in Nepal?

If you’re looking to pursue Chartered Accountancy studies in Nepal, then you should be aware of the many benefits that come along with it. Here are a few of them:

1. Chartered Accountancy in Nepal is regulated and chartered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN). This means that the course is of high caliber and is designed to meet the required standards for those who wish to become chartered accountants.

2. The course is divided into three CAPs: CAP I (6 Months), CAP II (9 Months), and CAP III (3 Years + Practical Training).

3. Successful completion of CAP III can provide students with global recognition and opportunities in the field of business and management.

c. What are the requirements for studying Chartered Accountancy in Nepal?

To study Chartered Accountancy in Nepal, you need to first become a member of ICAN, the institute that regulates Chartered Accountancy in the country. After becoming a member, you can then apply to one of ICAN’s five affiliated colleges. The tuition fee for studying at these colleges is Rs. 27,500.

Once you’re accepted into a college, you will need to pass an eligibility test. The eligibility test is held by ICAN and includes questions about accounting theory, financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and business law.

There are numerous colleges that offer Chartered Accountancy in Nepal. Some of these include Birgunj Public College (BPC), Chaitanya Institute of Management (CIM), Merryland College, Nepathya College, Premier College, CCMA College, British College, and International School of Management and Technology (ISMT).

d. What are the career opportunities that are available to graduates of Chartered Accountancy programs in Nepal?

Chartered Accountancy programs in Nepal can help graduates to work in a variety of managerial positions in the private and public sectors. These jobs include positions with government offices, financial institutions (such as commercial banks, development banks, finance companies, microfinance companies, and cooperatives), and management positions in various industries.

Chartered Accountants also have a number of career opportunities overseas. For example, chartered accountants in Nepal can pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Business Studies (MBS) program. This will give them specialized training in accounting and business administration that is recognized by multiple universities and professional bodies abroad.

Some of the most common career opportunities for chartered accountants in Nepal include working as an audit manager, financial accountant, and tax accountant.

e. What are the scope of C.A in Nepal?

Chartered accountancy (ca) is a globally recognized course in Nepal. Once you have passed the final board, there are endless opportunities forC.A in the financial and accounting sector. The A.C.C.A qualification is equivalent to the C.A certification in India and opens up job opportunities in India, Australia, Uk, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

f.Salary of a C.A in Nepal

The salary of a C.A. in Nepal ranges from Rs 6,00,000 to 7,00,000. However, the starting salary is usually around Rs 6,00,000. As you gain experience and knowledge in your field, your salary can increase exponentially. For example, an experienced C.A. can earn up to NPR 20 Lakhs per year. Additionally, registration and exam fees are very nominal, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to become a certified accountant in Nepal.


It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate or an experienced chartered accountant, the institute of your choice is going to help you fulfill your career ambitions. To unlock your future as an accountant, all you need is hard work and dedication. This can be well supported by an institute like CA Shala that offers career-oriented courses in chartered accountancy. Besides, it also provides scholarships to promising students. With the proper support, it is possible for anyone to achieve their career goals!

For any queries please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Stay tuned we are coming with new topics and blogs. So stay updated with gurubaa.

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