“Upcoming E-Learning Platform for Kids”

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“Upcoming E-Learning Platform for Kids”


Chimpvine, an educational technology company, is set to introduce a gamified e-learning platform for children. The company plans to launch the platform next week, which will be available for customers all over Nepal. The platform will offer a simple user interface through which customers can navigate and select courses based on the main subjects of the Nepali curriculum from Pre-K to Class 8.

Gamified E-Learning Platform with Nepali Curriculum Subjects

According to Sashya Paudel, executive director of the company, the platform will provide games based on the Nepali curriculum covering major subjects like English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The platform will also include quizzes and flashcards to make learning more successful. The aim of the platform is to make learning fun and accessible for everyone, with the goal of improving learning achievement among students through gamified learning.

Chimpvine’s Goal: Fun and Accessible Learning for All

Srishti Shrestha, the Sales Head of ChimpVine, believes that the platform will allow children to make their screen time productive. She acknowledges that with the rise of modern technology, it is impossible to prevent children from using mobile phones and gadgets. Hence, ChimpVine has created this platform to enable children to utilize their screen time productively.

New E-Learning Platform Expected to Attract Parents and Educators

The launch of this new e-learning platform is expected to create a buzz among parents and educators who are looking for innovative and engaging ways to help children learn. With the gamification of learning and a user-friendly interface, the platform is expected to attract a large number of users. The success of the platform will depend on how well it is received by customers and how effective it is in making learning enjoyable and effective.

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