“US Survey Indicates 72% of Participants Express Interest in Studying Abroad”

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“US Survey Indicates 72% of Participants Express Interest in Studying Abroad”


New research has found that the number of US students interested in studying abroad is not only rising dramatically but is also on pace to surpass 2019 figures. A survey of over 200 students from public and private HEIs in the US, conducted by global engagement education technology provider Terra Dotta, found that 72% of respondents are interested in studying abroad, with over 60% planning to pursue a traditional semester abroad in the spring of 2024. With 70%, western Europe remains the most popular destination for US students studying abroad.

Anthony Rotoli, Terra Dotta’s CEO, commented that “students are eager to travel – even more so given the pandemic’s impact on travel and other milestones they may have missed out on – but cost and accessibility are limiting factors”. According to the survey, 80% of respondents indicated personal growth and a desire to travel as primary reasons for their interest in study abroad programs, as students feel studying abroad will give them unique world perspectives and exposures they would not have if they didn’t participate.

The cost was cited as the top prohibitive factor for both interested students (84%) and those who did not plan to study abroad (34%).

According to the survey, 30% of participants were interested in obtaining further details about study abroad programs, while 44% were interested in virtual internship options. Additionally, the survey identified the importance of early engagement, with 45% of students indicating their interest in studying abroad began in high school, and 57% stating that it played a role in their college selection.

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