Vaccinated travellers can enter Nepal with ease

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The government has removed the mandatory RT-PTR report system for fully vaccinated tourists in an attempt to revive the Tourism sector affected By Covid.

The Department of Immigration released a new notice “Travel Advisory” today. The notice allows international tourists to enter the country either with a negative report of COVID 19 obtained within 72 hours from the first port of boarding or simply a fully vaccinated certification. Also, the rule for hotel quarantine has been removed.

The change of rules came as the result of the steadily declining number of COVID infection cases and the fact that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was not causing serious health issues as per the COVID19 Crisis Management Coordination Centre. The Department says, we have eased restrictions to accelerate the return to normalcy as vaccination rates have gone up.

However, all tourists must comply with heath safety protocols like wearing masks and maintaining a social distance. All incoming tourists still have to follow the Travellers’ Form issued by CCMCC, the forms have also been simplified.

Countries all across the world have been Easing the rules for foreign arrivals, it was time Nepal did the same to revive the fallen industry.

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