Valley Municipalities to Adopt ‘Suryabinayak Municipality Model’ for Principal Appointments

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Valley Municipalities to Adopt ‘Suryabinayak Municipality Model’ for Principal Appointments

Date: May 21, 2023


All municipalities within the valley have jointly agreed to implement the ‘Suryabinayak Municipality Model’ for the appointment of principals, ensuring a transparent and merit-based selection process.

In a meeting held on Sunday, the Valley Mayors Forum, an organization comprising city heads from the valley, made a significant decision regarding the appointment of principals in their respective municipalities. The chairman of the forum and head of Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality, Chiribabu Maharjan, announced that they will adopt the method employed by Suryabinayak Municipality.

Maharjan emphasized that this decision aims to prioritize qualifications and capabilities over political affiliations. By implementing the Suryabinayak Municipality Model, they aim to ensure that deserving individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of being principals.

The valley includes Kathmandu and Lalitpur Metropolitan City, along with 16 other municipalities. Suryabinayak municipality has already successfully implemented procedures for appointing community school principals. The process involves selecting principals from among the permanent teachers within the municipality. The model entails inviting applications through open competition, assessing school development proposals submitted by the applicants, and conducting interviews.

According to the new procedure, the selected teachers will serve as principals for a fixed term of five years. Suryabinayak Municipality currently manages 32 community schools, and the same selection process will be followed for appointing principals in any new schools established within the municipality.

In Conclusion: The decision to adopt the ‘Suryabinayak Municipality Model’ for principal appointments reflects a collective effort by valley municipalities to ensure transparency, professionalism, and meritocracy in the education sector. This move is expected to benefit students, parents, and the community at large.

Attribution: The decision was announced by Chiribabu Maharjan, the chairman of the Valley Mayors Forum and head of Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality.

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CTA: The adoption of the ‘Suryabinayak Municipality Model’ signifies a positive step towards enhancing the quality of education. Stay tuned for more updates on educational reforms in the valley.

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