What is National Identity Card in Nepal?

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National identity card is ID cards are used to identify individuals in Nepal as “Nepalese Citizens”. It is defined as a biological, multifunctional certificate that contains information about a person’s national identity, as well as personal and biological information of a particular resident which includes; Fingerprint (all fingers), Identification number, Photo, Nationality, Signature, Chips, and mainly Personal data.



national identity cardChips are a technique of keeping data on the backside of national ID safe. Chip is a newly introduced function that is included in the Nepalese ID cards. Chips may be stored in large enough quantities to hold on to a variety of details and data. Aside from the information on the national ID, extra information such as; PAN, poor identity, or Driving License card can be stored.

The national identification card is a digital method for verifying an individual’s identity. Being a digital specialty, it is extremely important in today’s modern-day. since it may be utilized for a variety of objectives when linked to public service. Several nations have a policy of effectively applying it to their own country, and it is currently being implemented in some countries. Citizens should be able to have such smart identity cards without prejudice, as it promotes national interrogation.

It only costs Rs.70 to make an ID card in Nepal.

Importance of National Identity Card.

The main intention of the identity card is that the personal digital identity card will be used to store and preserve Nepalese individuals’ personal as well as biological information in a central location. It also helps to utilize the data and records gained from the national identity card system to distribute the assets provided by the government of Nepal to Nepalese residents.

National ID cards use the data and information collected from the system in planning and decision-making. Nepali citizens would receive a multifunctional digital smart card with an identity. It creates the infrastructure, rules, and legalization that allows national ID cards to be issued. The government of Nepal made it simpler for citizenship as people don’t have to carry their citizenship all the time, the national identity card is enough.

How to make a national id card in Nepal?


Some of the Prerequisite to get Nepal’s national ID card:

  • A citizen should at least be 16 years old.
  • The individual who is qualified for the ID must submit an application in an approved format to the national identification card and registration department authorized body or officer. The citizen wanting to receive an ID card should provide a digital photograph, a ten-digit line with both hands, the digital lap-chase print, and the personal and biological information at the time of application.
  • Should have a Nepalese citizenship card.

This Gurubaa blog’s intention is to provide you with the required basic piece of information about the national ID card in Nepal. This article includes the definition of the national card, what does ID cards include, the chips, the purpose, and the requirements to make an identity card in the context of Nepal.


What is national identity number in Nepal?

National Identity Cards are federal-level ID cards that have a unique identification number that can be obtained by citizens of Nepal, based on their biometric and demographic information.


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