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Back Exam RESULT: BVSc AH & BSc Fisheries

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Back Exam RESULT: BVSc AH & BSc Fisheries


Agriculture and Forestry University, Examination Controller Office, Rampur, Chitwan made an announcement with regards to the BACK Examination RESULTS for those students of Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.VSc. & A.H.) 3rd Semester from Batch 2075/2076 & 6th Semester from Batch 2073/074 and Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (B.Sc. Fisheries) 6th Semester Batch 2074/075.

The notice was posted on 2022 August 16.


View the Back Exam RESULT: BVSc AH & BSc Fisheries in the attached image given below:

B.VSc. & A.H. 3rd Semester (2073-2074)


B.VSc. & A.H. 6th Semester (2075-2076)


B.Sc. Fisheries 6th Semester (2074-2075)


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