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MSc AG 1st Semester Examination RESULT

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MSc AG 1st Semester Examination RESULT


Agriculture and Forestry University, Faculty of Agriculture, Chitwan has published a notice concerning the Examination RESULTS of which the exam took place on the academic year 2078 in the month of Poush for those students from the Masters Level, Master of Science in Agriculture (M.Sc. AG.) 1st semester from the educational Batch 2075/2076 and 2076/2077.

The notice was brought up on 2079 Shrawan 31.

Note: In case any examinee is not satisfied with their result, do submit the form within 10 days of the result publication date that is; 2079/04/31.


Here is the MSc AG 1st Semester Examination RESULT is shown in the attached image provided below:

Notice by AFU


RESULT of MSc AG 1st Semester, 2075/2076 and 2076/2077 Batch


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