Bilateral Labour Agreement to be renewed By Nepal and Qatar

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Nepal and Qatar have reached an understanding for the renewal of the bilateral labour agreement. They reached this understanding at the meeting between Krishna Kumar Shrestha,  the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Nepal, and Dr Ali Bin Samikh Al Marri, Labour Minister of Qatar.

Draft sent by the Government of Nepal for the renewal of labour agreement between Nepal and Qatar was briefed by Minister Shrestha to Qatari Minister Marri. Minister Shrestha’s Secretariat said the agreement was reached for giving a final shape to the draft soon by holding a discussion on it and hosting an agreement signing ceremony in Nepal.

In 2005, both countries had signed an agreement in a bid to labour migration safe and regular. Nepal and Qatar had agreed to revise the labour agreement on a discussion at the fourth meeting of Nepal and Qatar Joint Committee organised in Kathmandu in December 2021.

The number of Nepali workers in Qatar exceeds  300,000. On the occasion, issues including social security of the workers, safety at the workplace, health facility and arrangement of 24-hour insurance were discussed.

Qatari Minister Marri has also expressed his interest to recruit Nepali workers for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar.


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