Changes Proposed for Australia’s Post-Study Work Visa Program

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In a recent report by the Grattan Institute, significant changes to Australia’s post-study work visa program for international students are on the horizon. This report highlights the difficulties faced by international graduates when it comes to securing permanent residency and pursuing their dream careers.

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Australia’s Post-Study Work Visa Program:

According to the recent news, the report reveals that only half of international students in Australia manage to land full-time jobs after graduation. Shockingly, many end up in low-skilled positions, earning less than $53,300 per year.

To address these challenges, the Grattan Institute has suggested a series of measures:

  • They have proposed reducing the duration of post-study work visas, setting higher English language requirements, and limiting these visas to individuals under 35 years old. Moreover, they suggested extending visas to those who earn higher incomes.
  • One of the most fascinating ideas in the report is the creation of an ‘Exceptionally Talented Graduate’ visa. This would offer a direct path to permanent residency for highly skilled graduates, opening up exciting new opportunities for them.

The ultimate goal of this report is to resolve the issue of graduates getting stuck in “visa uncertainty” and to provide international graduates in Australia with better long-term prospects. Also Read: Study in Australia

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