Crowd for Submitting applications for Temporary Police

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All districts in Nepal have started accepting applications for temporary policemen through district police offices. The Recruitment of Human Resources and Administration Department of Nepal Police, Naxal, Kathmandu is about to recruit the Temporary Police force for 40 days to deploy them during the local elections on May 13.

The applications will be accepted till April 25 and the applicants must be Nepali citizens who are above 18 and below 54  of age. Massive crowds have gathered at the Metropolitan Police Complex, Teku, Kathmandu on the first day of submission for recruitment applications. The applications can be submitted through all 77 Districts Police Offices.

The selection process for the temporary police will start from March 29 and the final result of the selection will be published on April 5. From April 11 training of the temporary police will begin.  The government is planning to deploy the selected temporary policemen after seven days of training.

Ex-security personnel, ex-guards, retired security forces who have worked abroad, previous temporary policemen and people who have passed the physical fitness and health examination by applying for admission in the security forces from 2078 BS will be given priority during the recruitment.

The temporary police have facilities including insurance. Nepal Police has opened applications for one lakh temporary police recruitment. Applicants must be Nepali citizen who has not been charged with a crime, is not a member of any political party, and is physically and mentally fit.

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