CTEVT Postponed To Increase Fee Decision

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CTEVT Postponed To Increase Fee Decision

CTEVT, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, has announced the postponement of its decision to hike fees for certain courses. The decision to increase fees was initially communicated through a notice on June 29, following the recommendations of the task force on fee adjustments for certificate level general medicine, diploma in pharmacy, and certificate level nursing on January 6, 2079. The fee adjustments were set to increase by 25 percent to Rs. 3 lakh 8 thousand 660 in general medicine, 30 percent to Rs. 5 lakh 23 thousand 820 in pharmacy, and 31 percent to Rs. 6 lakh 24 thousand 230 in nursing.

CTEVT Notice

However, in light of recent developments, the CTEVT has decided to suspend the implementation of the fee hike. According to a new notice issued by the council, the decision will be revisited only after holding thorough discussions with relevant stakeholders.

The decision comes shortly after the conclusion of the SEE Portal 2023, which plays a significant role in shaping students’ future educational pursuits. With the fee hike postponed, aspiring students and their families can now heave a sigh of relief as they await further updates from the council.

The CTEVT’s decision to postpone the fee adjustment has been met with mixed reactions from the academic community. While some stakeholders support the move, citing concerns about the potential financial burden on students, others argue that adequate resources are necessary to maintain the quality of education and enhance facilities for students pursuing these vocational courses.

It remains to be seen when the council will reconvene with the stakeholders for discussions and whether any changes will be made to the proposed fee adjustments. Until then, students and educational institutions will be closely following the updates from CTEVT to determine the future costs of pursuing these vocational courses.

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