Government to Open ICT Research Center at Tribhuvan University

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The government is going to open an ICT research center at Tribhuvan University with an investment of 30 million rupees. The center will be operated under the Institute of Engineering Studies.

The center is expected to contribute to the development and expansion of new technology in Nepal. It will also help to train Nepali engineers and researchers in the field of ICT.

ICT Research Center:

The center will be established in three phases. In the first phase, 50 lakh rupees will be provided by January 2081. In the second phase, one crore rupees will be provided by March 2081. And, in the third phase, the remaining 1.5 crore rupees will be provided within the financial year.


The NTA has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Engineering Studies for the establishment of the center. The first phase of the project will be funded by the NTA, while the remaining funds will be raised through other sources.

The center will be equipped with modern facilities, including laboratories, workshops, and libraries. It will also have a team of experienced researchers and engineers.

The center is expected to play a major role in the development of the ICT sector in Nepal. It will help to create new jobs and opportunities for Nepali youth. It will also help to make Nepal a more competitive country in the global economy.

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