Increased Enthusiasm in Tourism

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Tourism industry in Nepal

In recent days the number of Indian tourists is increasing in Nepal. The number of Indian tourists has increased since the decrease in the impact of Corona Virus and the environment of travel has become safe.

To escape the hot and humid weather of India and to enjoy the summer holidays many Indians travel to Nepal, this flux of tourists has brought much enthusiasm to the tourism industry of the country.  The tourism related business holders are excited to see the number of tourists entering Nepal through Airways and Roadways. Among the tourists that visit Nepal, one-fourth of the total number of tourists is the Indian tourists, they have always been occupying a significant role in our tourism sector.

According to Dhananjay Regi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Board, the promotion work has started in the Indian Market to increase the number of Indian tourists. He said, participation in international tourism fairs is one of the ways to promote tourism, but other promotions are also done through various other means.

After India, China is the other country that contributes a large number of tourists to Nepal, but due to the unavailability of direct flights, the number of Chinese tourists has not increased. Regmi said, even during the times of pandemic, flights were continued through the ‘air bubble’ with India, but the same could not be done with China.  About 3 lakhs tourists are expected from China, but due to the unavailability of direct flights, the expected number of tourists has not arrived from China.

According to the Tourism Businessmen, there should not be any delay in the promotion of Tourism in our country in India, China and other countries considering the improvement of the tourism sector in the recent days.  The First Vice President of the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Binayak Shah said the foreign tourists have already started the bookings and inquiries in the hotels.

The world tourism sector may take a few years to go steady in its old rhythm, but opening the tourism businesses in Nepal will send a positive message and encouragement to the tourism businesses in the world, said the tourism business holders.

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