Invitation for Application at Vice-Chancellor Position at Tribhuvan University

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Tribhuvan University is currently accepting applications for the position of Vice-Chancellor. The selection and recommendation committee has issued a public notice inviting interested candidates to apply. Previously, the government had planned to appoint the Vice-Chancellor from the list of applicants, but Prof. Dr. Dharmakant Baskota was ultimately selected.

According to the recent notification, interested individuals can submit their applications for the Vice-Chancellor position at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology Singh Darbar. The application period will last for 10 days. Eligible applicants must be Nepali citizens and are required to provide a copy of their citizenship certificate, personal details, copies of their master’s and undergraduate educational qualifications, a certified copy of their initial appointment letter as a professor, a statement of at least three years of work experience as a university officer, and supporting documents.

In addition, applicants are requested to submit a university-related essay consisting of up to 3,000 words and a four-year professional action plan of up to 500 words.

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