IThenticate Software to Check Plagiarism

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The Institute of Science and Technology Studies of Tribhuvan University has made plagiarism testing mandatory for all undergraduate projects, field reports, and research papers. The decision was made to control the current increasing cases of plagiarism in undergraduate research.

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IThenticate Software

The plagiarism test will be conducted using the iThenticate software, which is provided by the university. The affiliated colleges can do the plagiarism test from the Central Library of the University. Only Plagiarism up to 20% will be allowed.

Plagiarism Test

The plagiarism test will be conducted before the submission of the project, field report, or research paper. The results of the test will be made available to the student and the faculty advisor.


The decision to make plagiarism testing mandatory is a welcome move. It is important to ensure that students are producing original work and that they are not plagiarizing the work of others. This move will help to improve the quality of undergraduate research and to prevent plagiarism.


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