Kathmandu Metro Conducting Scholarships Examination for Class 11 Students

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Kathmandu Metro Conducting Scholarships Examination for Class 11 Students


Kathmandu Metropolitan City has taken a significant step towards promoting education by introducing scholarships for students in class 11. As mandated in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Act, 2075, and Education Regulations, 2074, private schools are now responsible for distributing these scholarships.

Commencing from the academic session 2080/081, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City conducted the examination for student selection autonomously. Scholarships are awarded based on the merit order, favoring students from community schools, underprivileged areas, tribal communities, and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

This initiative aims to address the educational disparity among students and provide equal opportunities for those who face obstacles in pursuing their studies. By awarding scholarships to students belonging to community schools and rural communities, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City hopes to foster inclusive and accessible education for all.

The scholarship program is set to alleviate the financial burden on deserving students and enable them to pursue higher education in private schools. This progressive move is expected to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds to aim for academic excellence and reach their full potential.

The implementation of scholarships by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City signifies a strong commitment to uplifting education standards and promoting social equity in the region. This initiative is set to make a lasting impact on the lives of students, ultimately contributing to the overall development of Kathmandu’s educational landscape.


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