Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office Inviting Instructors for Book Free Friday Education Program

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office is calling upon organizations and individuals interested in participating in the BookFree Friday Education Skills program to register within the metropolitan city’s schools.

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Program Selection:

This program, which has commenced in the current academic session, involves the selection of a community school where educational classes will be conducted for students in grades 9 and 10. A notification has been sent to 56 secondary schools within the metropolis to choose a suitable program.

Expanding Education Horizons:

From the academic session 2080, the Metropolitan office has started a ‘short-term vocational training program’ at the secondary level (classes 9 and 10) of community schools. The goal is to equip students with practical life skills alongside their textbook knowledge, with the aim of promoting self-employment in technical fields after completing their school education.

Subjects Offered:

The metropolitan has selected 10 subjects for 90 hours of training, covering a wide range of skills. These subjects include Agriculture and Urban Farming, Beauty Arts and Hair Styling, Carpentry and Carving, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design and Textile Manufacturing, House Wiring, and Electrical, Building Construction for Disaster Preparedness, Traditional Art of Raithane, Mobile and Electrical Equipment, and Pipe Fitting and Repair.

Training Guidelines:

According to Shailendra Jha, a member of the Urban Planning Commission, the trainer should provide training on the prescribed course and an enrolled trainer cannot be substituted for another.

However, it’s worth noting that only nine categories can be listed, as there has been an agreement between the Metropolitan Municipality and Nepal Lalitkala Pragya-Pratishthan before for the training of art and sculpture according to Metropolitan City.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s initiative to offer practical and skill-based education through the Bookless Friday program is set to benefit students in grades 9 and 10, providing them with valuable skills for future self-employment and personal growth. Read more: here


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