Male Students Surpassed Female Student’s Participation in Scholarship Selection Test – (KMC)

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Yesterday, Kathmandu Metropolitan City conducted a scholarship selection test, revealing that there was higher participation of male students compared to female students. Out of the total 6,172 applicants, 3,400 were boys and 1,772 were girls.

Based on the curriculum of grade 10, the test consisted of compulsory subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and General Knowledge. It included 30 multiple-choice questions from each subject and 10 from General Knowledge.

The Department of Education informed that out of the 4,155 students who applied for science subjects, only 3,713 were able to participate in the examination. Similarly, out of the 1,484 management applicants, 1,180 appeared for the test. There were 176 applicants for technical subjects, 89 for law, 26 for the humanities, and 18 for education.

The Education Department stated that the pass mark for the exam was set at 40 percent. Negative marking was not implemented for incorrect answers, and the department conducted answer verification online.

Moreover, the metropolis announced that 40 percent of the seats would be allocated for community-based scholarships. Among these, 33 percent would be reserved for female students, 15 percent for indigenous and ethnic communities, 12 percent for Madhesi students, and 17 percent for Khas Arya students.

Additionally, 9 percent of the seats would be allocated for Dalit students, 2 percent for Muslim students, 4 percent for Tharu students, and 2 percent for students with disabilities. Furthermore, 4 percent would be reserved for students from backward areas such as Cham, Kalikot, Jajarkot, Jumla, Dolpa, Bajhang, Bajura, Mugu, and Humla. Families of martyred and missing citizens, as well as conflict victims, would also receive a 2 percent scholarship allocation.

The remaining 45 percent of seats would be considered 100 percent and prioritized for students from public schools.

Overall, the scholarship selection test conducted by Kathmandu Metropolitan City aimed to provide opportunities for deserving students from various backgrounds to pursue higher education.

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