KMC Starts Managing Unmanaged Wires

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KMC Starts Managing Unmanaged Wires

Date: May 8, 2023


Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s (KMC) Environment Management Department has taken action to manage the unsightly and disorderly wires and cables hanging from electric poles in various parts of the city. The campaign aims to clean up the streets, reduce fire hazards, and enhance the city’s aesthetic appeal.

According to Rabinman Shrestha, the chief of KMC’s Environment Management Department, the campaign has been successful in managing the wires and cables at Tripureshwor, Kamaladi, and Kamal Pokhari areas. The KMC has collected 15 truckloads of wires and cables that were previously dangling and hanging from electric poles, causing visual pollution and posing fire risks.

The KMC has also issued a warning and penalized internet service providers Subisu and World Link Rs. 20,000 each for setting up wire networks haphazardly. The KMC has vowed to take action against anyone contributing to making the streets ugly.

The KMC’s drive to make the city cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing also includes washing the streets at night to remove dust.

Conclusion: KMC’s wire management campaign is a step towards making Kathmandu a cleaner, safer, and more visually appealing city. With the removal of unsightly wires and cables, the city’s streets will be more organized, and the risk of fires caused by wire entanglement will be reduced.

Attribution: Rabinman Shrestha, chief of KMC’s Environment Management Department

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CTA: Let’s all contribute to making our cities cleaner and safer by following proper wire and cable management practices.

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