Less than 2% of job advertisements in the US “friendly to global talent.”

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According to an analysis conducted by F1 Hire, a Pittsburgh-based education technology company, only 1.6% of job openings in the US are “friendly to global talent.” F1 Hire recently launched the International Talent Friendliness Index, which is the first human resource index to assess US hiring companies’ willingness to hire international talents. The initial data collected from September 1 to December 3, 2023, found that out of over 713,000 job openings, only 1.6% had wording indicating an openness to international talent. Additionally, 12% of job openings explicitly stated that applicants must be US citizens or have a green card.

F1 Hire aims to increase the index tenfold, to have 10% of job openings containing language that is friendly to international talent. The index utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze job descriptions and identify language that indicates visa sponsorship availability or willingness to accept CPT/OPT/H1-B/H-1B Transfer. These sponsorship lines are highlighted on the F1 Hire platform for users.

F1 Hire’s CEO, Andrew Chen, expressed their commitment to empowering international talents and raising awareness among employers who have never hired international talents. They believe that transparency and well-informed decisions are crucial for international talents navigating the US job market. F1 Hire also noted that President Biden’s Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence aims to enhance opportunities for highly skilled immigrants and nonimmigrants in STEM fields by streamlining visa processes.

Furthermore, US Citizenship and Immigration Services recently clarified that OPT after a STEM degree can now be used for employment at startups that meet certain criteria. This clarification further supports the goal of creating more opportunities for international STEM students in the US.

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