More than 51,000 NOCs issued in six months

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In the first six months of the current fiscal year, over 51,000 students in Nepal have obtained their No Objection Certificates (NOCs), according to the Ministry of Education’s NOC branch.

Between July 17, 2023, and January 14, 2024, a total of 51,637 individuals acquired NOCs for pursuing education abroad. The data reveals that the majority of NOCs were issued for students heading to Canada, with 12,075 certificates being granted. Australia followed closely behind, with 9,787 students obtaining NOCs for higher studies.

The NOC branch also issued 8,567 certificates for students planning to study in Japan, 6,687 for those bound for the UK, and 5,318 for individuals pursuing education in the United States. Additionally, 2,372 NOCs were granted to students going to South Korea, and 1,312 were issued for those destined for India.

According to the records maintained by the office, students have taken NOCs to study in a total of 58 different countries. Shantiram Paudel, the head of the NOC branch, mentioned that an average of 500 students apply for NOCs online every day.

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