Nepal Government Considers Banning More Social Media Apps

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KATHMANDU: The Nepali government is considering banning several social media apps, including Bigo Live, Likey, Tinder, Snapchat, and Telegram. The move comes after the government banned TikTok in Kartik, citing concerns about its impact on social harmony and the spread of misinformation.

Prime Minister’s IT expert Prakash Rayamazhi said that the government is concerned about the negative content being shared on these apps. “They have done nothing but circulate negative content and spread misinformation,” he said. “We are studying its technical aspect and its positive and negative effects on society.”

The government has formed a team of experts to study the apps and make recommendations on whether to ban them. The team is expected to submit its report within the next few weeks.

The potential ban on these apps has sparked debate in Nepal. Some people support the move, arguing that the apps are harmful to society. Others oppose the ban, arguing that it is a violation of free speech.

The government has not yet made a final decision on whether to ban the apps. However, the Prime Minister’s Office has said that it is “seriously considering” the ban. Read more…

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