Social Media Platforms Must Register or Face Shutdown in Nepal

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The Government of Nepal has issued a new directive requiring social media platforms operating in the country to register with the Ministry of Information and Communications. The directive, which came into effect on (Kartik 23,2080) from the cabinet meeting has given social media companies a three-month time period to comply with the new regulations.

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Failure to register within the specified time frame will result in the social media platform being banned from operating in Nepal. This means that popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and WhatsApp could be blocked in the country if they do not comply with the new requirements.

The government has already banned the popular short video app TikTok, which was widely used in Nepal. The ban was imposed over concerns about the app’s data collection practices and its potential to harm children.

Under the new act rules, social media platforms with more than 100,000 users must establish a contact point in Nepal and appoint an officer to handle complaints from residents. They must also adopt measures to protect the privacy of user data and refrain from using it for unauthorized purposes.

The rule also prohibits the creation of fake accounts, the sharing of hate speech, and the promotion of illegal activities. According to the directory, Social media platforms must remove such content within 24 hours of receiving a complaint from users.

Additionally, social networks must ensure user privacy, handle transactions through the banking system, and refrain from activities like hacking, phishing, or spreading false information. This directive aims to foster a safe and responsible online environment for everyone in Nepal. Read more: here

Directory pdf:

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