Nepal’s Education Needs Global Upgrade: PM

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Kathmandu: In a call for educational reform, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” urged Nepal to equip its citizens with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex challenges of globalization.

Speaking at the golden jubilee celebration of Janata Secondary School in Mahottari district, PM Prachanda highlighted the need for a dynamic education system that can prepare future generations for success in the modern world. He emphasized the importance of revising school curriculums from the ground up to ensure they are relevant and contextual in the face of globalization’s multifaceted impact.

“Timely revision of our curriculum at the foundational level is a national necessity,” stated the Prime Minister. Our education system should produce graduates who are not only patriotic and responsive but also scientifically progressive and self-reliant.

Prachanda commended the school for hosting the “Education Conclave 2080” and acknowledged their ambition to develop a competitive 10-year education strategy. He expressed confidence in their ability to provide quality technical education that fosters self-entrepreneurship.

The Prime Minister further stressed that while education is of paramount importance, it is not the ultimate goal. “Students of today are the policymakers and implementers of tomorrow,” he reminded the audience. “Their education must prepare them to become accountable, progressive, and forward-thinking individuals who can contribute meaningfully to our nation’s economy.”

Recognizing the need for an education system that aligns with Nepal’s new federal democratic republic context, Prachanda called for a qualitative transformation. He also assured the gathering that the government is addressing concerns raised by various parties and will strive to pass the revised education bill through Parliament.

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