NOC applications after December 8 lost due to server outage, Students required to resubmit their applications

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Nepalese students who applied for No Objection Certificates (NOCs) after December 8th must unfortunately have to reapply due to a data loss caused by a server outage. The Foreign Study Permit Branch server went down on Thursday, December 14th, and while technicians have managed to recover most data from before that date, applications submitted after the outage remain inaccessible.

Shantiram Poudel, head of the branch, explained that efforts to recover the lost data are ongoing, but for now, affected students face the inconvenience of resubmitting their applications. “Once the data recovery is complete, we will issue NOCs based on the physical copies of their documents,” Poudel assured.

This unexpected disruption has undoubtedly caused delays and disruptions for students hoping to study abroad. The Foreign Study Permit Branch is urging applicants to stay patient and cooperate with the reapplication process.

News Source: My Republica

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