NPABSON requests not to grant leave on Sunday

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National Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal (NPABSON) has requested the government to revoke its decision to grant 2 days of holiday a week.

The Chairperson of NPABSON Pandav Hamal Thakuri issued a statement on Saturday. The statement read that the education sector was highly affected in the last two years due to Covid 19 and Strikes, resulting in large gaps in learning. They request the government not to make decisions that would further damage teaching and learning in the long run.

The statement also discloses that the government had taken a decision Unilaterally without consulting with NPABSON which is derogatory to the decision-making system and it has created a negative impact on the teachers, students, and guardians. Thus, it has requested to revoke the decision to grant two days of leave per week.

This conflict was created after the government’s decision to grant weekly two days of leave for schools.

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