Over 1.3 billion photos and videos are uploaded on Messenger daily

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Kathmandu, NepalMeta has announced significant updates to Facebook Messenger, highlighting the platform’s daily exchange of over 1.3 billion photos and videos. The new features aim to improve user experience and enhance photo sharing capabilities.

Collage View: Previously, multiple photos sent together appeared individually. Now, a collage format presents them collectively, offering a more concise and visually appealing layout.

Individual Photo Reactions: Users can now react to individual photos within a collage, allowing for more specific responses and engagement. This feature excludes messages sent before the implementation of end-to-end encryption.

HD Media Sharing: Meta has also introduced the ability to send HD media files through Messenger. This feature, currently in beta testing, will be rolled out to all users next month, enabling them to share high-quality photos and videos with their friends and family.

These updates demonstrate Meta’s commitment to continuously improving the user experience on Messenger, particularly for its popular photo and video sharing functionalities. The new features are expected to enhance user engagement and further establish Messenger as a leading platform for visual communication. Read more

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